Thursday, 21 November 2013

Boyner clinc services

Clinical and functional examination :
Our Qualified Staff is specially trained to carry out a proper foot examination

Quantitative analysis of the pressure points of the foot.
Biomechanical evaluation of the foot is carried with the aid of varios machines available in the clinic.

Customized insoles for all kinds of foot wear 
The insoles are specially designed so that they can be put in all kind of footwear and can be changed from one shoe to another. 
You will get your insoles in 50 minutes. 20 minutes for diagnose and 30 minutes for fabrication.

Boyner Clinic 
Address : L-4, First Floor, EPDP ROAD, Chitranjan Park, New Delhi-110019 
Office Phone : 011-41006938, 41006939 
Mobile : +91- 9711310993
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